Google Play standardizes in-app update prompts with a “new tool”

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Google Play is rolling out a new tool aimed at enhancing the app experience by encouraging them to update their apps to the latest versions. Google Play aims to accomplish this with the help of specifically designed in-app update prompts. Despite the convenience of auto-updates and in-app updates, some users may still be using outdated or unsupported versions of an app.

The newly introduced Play recovery tools provide developers with the ability to prompt users, running specific versions of an app, to update every time they restart the application. This proactive approach ensures that users are not stuck on older versions, potentially plagued with issues, and brings them closer to the intended app experience.

Developers can use the Google Play console to utilize this feature

To utilize the update prompts, developers can log into the Google Play Console and navigate to the Releases or the App Bundle Explorer page. Here, they can choose the app versions for which they want to trigger the update prompts. Additionally, the Play recovery tools are accessible through the Play Developer API, and an upcoming extension will enable developers to target multiple app versions simultaneously. Note that developers must build the designated version as an app bundle to ensure a seamless and effective update process.

Developers can further refine the targeting criteria for the update prompts by factors such as country or Android version, offering developers flexibility in tailoring their approach. Remarkably, over 50% of users have responded positively to these prompts, noted Google. It leads to a substantial increase in users transitioning to the latest versions of apps. Following the update prompts, developers can leverage Play Console’s recovery tools to modify their update configuration, monitor its progress, or cancel the recovery action if needed.

This initiative by Google Play aligns with the platform’s commitment to ensuring users have access to the most optimized and secure versions of applications. By providing developers with these recovery tools, Google aims to create a more cohesive app experience for users. Google encourages developers to explore and implement this tool to enhance user engagement and satisfaction.

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