Google powers Samsung’s Galaxy AI… but not in China

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At this point, Googling and Samsung are a dynamic duo in the tech World. Their close partnership heavily influences the direction of mobile technology. So, it’s no surprise that Google’s AI models power Samsung Galaxy AI features, but that’s not the case in China. In China, a chatbot named Ernie actually powers Galaxy AI.

If you don’t know what Galaxy AI is, it is a set of powerful generative AI tools that debuted on the new Samsung Galaxy S24 phones. These are the latest devices from Samsung, and they bring some powerful AI features. These features include text generation and speech translation. Here’s a rundown of the features that Samsung announced.

Galaxy AI uses Ernie in China

Google and Samsung are very similar in that they’re struggling to make an impact in the Chinese market. Google’s phones aren’t super popular in China. More importantly, Google Play services are not widely used in the country. As for Samsung, stiff competition from major Chinese Brands like Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, etc. means that the South Korean giant just can’t seem to sell many phones in the country.

Well, as a way to help its waning influence in China, Samsung similarly partnered with the Chinese brand Baidu to implement its chatbot. Named Ernie, this chatbot is currently powering the Galaxy AI features. Ernie may not be as notable in the Western markets, but it seems to be a popular chatbot in China.

While these features are being powered by a different chatbot overseas, there don’t seem to be any differences in the functionality. Chinese users are still getting the full array of features like chat translation, Interpret, real-time voice translation, Circle to search (however, in China, there is a different version of this feature not powered by Google), Samsung Note Assistant, and many more.

Pre-orders for these phones have closed, but the Galaxy S24 series actually broke the pre-order record previously held by the Galaxy S23 phones. This shows that, despite the lack of notable hardware improvements, the Galaxy S24 series is very popular amongst users. The base Galaxy S24 starts at $799, and general sales begin on January 31st. So, if you can’t wait to put in your order, there’s not much more time to wait.

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