Google prohibits advertisers from using deepfake adult content

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Google holds the largest share of the internet advertising market. Their total advertisement-related sales in the first quarter of 2024 stood at $70 billion. The guidelines of advertisement in Google are already quite strict and they do not allow sexually explicit ads. However, Google has now updated its policy which further bans the promotion of services used to create deepfake adult content.

Google now prohibits advertisers from using deepfake adult content

Google has updated its advertising policy and has prohibited the promotion of synthetic content that has been modified or generated to include sexually explicit content or nudity. In short, this will totally prohibit the promotion of any services that can potentially create deepfake adult or pornographic content.

Google already prohibited the display of sexually explicit ads. They severely restricted two categories: Nudity and Sexual Dating. However, they had not established any rules related to the promotion of apps or services that could potentially generate AI-based deep fake adult images or videos. The term deepfake stands for the fake images and videos created using artificial intelligence.

Advertisers need to act as the policy is now in force

The new updated policy or the guidelines were announced earlier but they actually came into force starting May 30th, 2024. This ensured that the advertisers had enough time to react and act accordingly. However, if any advertisers have still not removed the prohibited ads or have not taken action in any way, then Google may permanently suspend their license.

This new guideline by Google was very much needed as the damage caused by deepfake pornography was increasing day by day. Even Taylor Swift, a very famous singer became a victim of this. And these roaming ads about the platforms that create deepfake adult content make it very easy for anyone to know about it and access it. Several brands like Meta have also taken steps to reduce AI deepfake.

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