Google RealFill could transform AI photography

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A recently discovered trademark filing hints that Google might be on the verge of a breakthrough in AI photography with RealFill. While details remain scarce, the name indicates a tool that could revolutionize the way we capture and edit photos.

Google RealFill AI photo could transform editing in two key areas.

Google RealFill AI could fix photo imperfections and add missing elements

Imagine capturing a breathtaking landscape, only to discover a distracting power line marring the center of the frame. Or perhaps a cherished family photo is ruined by an unwelcome photobomber. Based on its name, RealFill suggests Google might be developing a technology that automatically addresses these imperfections.

This will involve using AI to seamlessly remove unwanted objects or power lines from photos. RealFill might even tackle situations where parts of the image are entirely missing. For instance, it could sharpen a blurry background or intelligently fill in a crucial element just outside the frame, creating a more complete and visually appealing image.

Generating entirely new content

RealFill’s capabilities might extend beyond mere fixes. Imagine capturing a portrait with subpar lighting or a scenic shot with a dull, overcast sky. RealFill will leverage AI to adjust lighting conditions, generate realistic cloudscapes, or even add entirely new elements to a scene. Additionally, users could revisit old photos in their Google Photos library and use RealFill to generate enhanced versions.

While the trademark filing doesn’t reveal specifics about RealFill’s functionality, it doesn’t guarantee a commercial release either. However, it suggests Google envisions integrating RealFill into future products like Pixel phones or Google Photos. The processing power required for fine-tuning the AI suggests a cloud-based solution might be more feasible than on-device editing.

One way or another, RealFill’s arrival is bound to spark discussions about the very definition of a photograph, similar to how Google’s Magic Editor has already raised questions about photo authenticity. If Google can deliver on the promise of RealFill AI photo, it could become a powerful tool for both casual and professional photographers.

Google RealFill AI Photo (1)
Google RealFill AI Photo (2)

Google RealFill AI Photo (1)
Google RealFill AI Photo (2)

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