Google Wallet can now automatically add movie tickets & passes

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Google Wallet, Google’s mobile payment service, has been getting steady updates and features. Just near the end of February 2024, Google added support for 42 new US-based banks to grow the app further.

The latest Google Wallet update prioritizes user convenience instead of growth by making it significantly easier for users to store all their tickets and boarding passes in one place. This is done by having Google automatically add movie tickets and passes to Google Wallet.

All your movie tickets and passes in one place

During the Mobile World Congress, Google announced that updates would be rolling out for the Google Wallet service. One highlighted addition was expanding Google Wallet passes to Wear OS. The update made accessing boarding passes, movie tickets, gym memberships, loyalty cards, and more easier for Wear OS users.

Now, instead of having to manually add a boarding pass or ticket to your wallet, Google can automatically save it for you. This new feature was first reported by Android expert Mishaal Rahman, who was among the first to report that the OnePlus Pad was getting Android 14 in the US.

Thanks to this update, Google Wallet can now automatically add movie tickets and passes to its data when the user gets a confirmation email in Gmail. This automatic process will make storing tickets and passes in one place more streamlined and seamless. After all, users won’t have to interact with the ticket themselves, making the hassle of manually adding passes and tickets non-existent.

While this new feature is live for some global movie chains and airlines like AMC Theatres, more partners will join the list in the future. Google will likely add support for movie chains and airlines in batches, similar to how it does with banks.

Manually archive passes now

Google’s Google Wallet innovations don’t end here, as the company seemingly wants to make organizing passes as easy as possible.

Not only can Google Wallet automatically add movie tickets and passes through this update, but users can also manually archive various pass types. Archived passes go to the Wallet app’s dedicated “Archived Passes” section, allowing easier access.

Furthermore, this archiving feature isn’t limited to the app’s mobile version. Users can also archive passes in their Google Wallet using Wear OS, allowing them to organize and access their passes on the go.

These new features come after Google announced Google Pay’s June closure in the US. True to its word, the company is shifting its focus on making Google Wallet the definitive payment service.

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