Grab Amazon’s 75-inch Omni OLED Fire TV for $970

Amazon Fire TV Omni OLED TV Deal

Amazon is offering a limited-time deal on its 75-inch Omni OLED TV that you might want to take advantage of. This particular TV model from Amazon is normally an $1,100 TV but it’s currently on sale for $970. This is a smart TV that runs on Amazon’s Fire TV OS platform, and it has complete integration with Alexa for all kinds of features. Naturally, you can use it like you would an Alexa speaker as well.

So if you have any burning questions, you can ask the TV to answer them for you. In terms of other smart features, it’s Fire TV OS which means you can get a lot of apps installed for streaming entertainment content. This could be Spotify or other music streaming apps. But it could also be apps for watching your favorite TV shows and movies. For instance, Prime Video or Apple TV+. There are also apps for Netflix, Disney+ and many others.

The TV also supports Dolby Vision IQ and HDR10. For ports, you get 3 HDMI 2.0 ports and one HDMI 2.1 eARC port. Now the TV also comes with built-in microphones and that’s how you interact with Alexa. But if you don’t want these on all the time you can disable them. The TV has an off switch for the microphones and this is located right under the bottom of the TV. You can manage your voice recordings in the Alexa app as well.

Now this TV will be great for media content like movies and TV shows, but it only supports a 60Hz refresh rate. So while it will be suitable for gaming, there are better options out for around this price. That said this TV is great for all other kinds of content. And at this price for this size, it’s a great deal.

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