Grab Samsung’s massive Odyssey Ark monitor for only $1,800

Samsung Odyssey Ark Gaming Monitor 2

It’s hard to beat the excitement you get from a new gaming monitor, especially when it’s as big and feature-packed as the Odyssey Ark from Samsung, which Best Buy currently has an incredibly good deal on. Normally, this wouldn’t be a gaming monitor that most people would go for because the regular full retail price is $3,000. That is a big price tag, but right now Best Buy has it on sale for just $1,800. While that’s still a lot for a gaming monitor and by no means cheap, it’s a $1,200 discount on what is probably one of the best gaming monitors out there.

The Odyssey Ark is a huge 55-inch monitor with a curved panel for that immersion factor Samsung offers in more than a few other Odyssey gaming monitors. It also has 4K resolution and a 165Hz refresh rate. While the refresh rate could be better, 165Hz is more than enough for games. Now what makes the Ark unique from other gaming monitors is the ability for it to go into what Samsung calls Cockpit mode. This turns the monitor to a vertical orientation.

In cockpit mode, you can also split the monitor up into three smaller displays stacked on top of each other. This is great if you want your game on one and then other things like video or guides or stream chat windows on the others. You can also do something similar to this while it’s in its regular horizontal orientation. The Odyssey Ark features a 4-input multi-view so if you wanted, you could have four inputs up on the screen at one time. Have friends over? Hook up more PCs and/or consoles to the other inputs and everyone can play on this one screen.

The Sound Dome technology is also really cool. This monitor has built-in speakers that play from all corners of the display panel. And it essentially works like a surround sound.

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