Grab the incredible sounding Sonos Era 300 for only $359

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Amazon is selling the Sonos Era 300 for only $359 right now, which is a pretty rare sale—allowing you to save $90 off of the Era 300. Needless to say, that is an all-time low for this speaker.

The Sonos Era 300 is the new mid-range speaker from Sonos, replacing the PLAY:3 from many years ago since Sonos still sells the Five. It’s a pretty good-looking speaker that sounds incredible. Like most of Sonos’ newer speakers, the Era 300 also uses Dolby Atmos to provide some of the best sound you’ll find in a speaker at this price.

Of course, this is Sonos, so we can’t forget about the multi-room audio features either. With the Era 300, you can pair it with a soundbar like the Beam 2 (which is also discounted) or the Arc. You could grab two Era 300s and have a really incredible surround sound setup, especially if you add in the Sub Mini. In fact, that is the setup that I have, and I absolutely love it. With multi-room audio, you can also set up speakers all over the house to play together. So have one in the basement, one in the kitchen, and the bedroom, and they all will sync perfectly without any lag. This is because Sonos uses WiFi for streaming versus Bluetooth.

For the Sonos Era 300, this is a pretty incredible deal and one we likely won’t see again any time soon. So if you’ve been looking at picking one up, now is the time to do so.

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