Grab the Nanoleaf Shapes Smarter Kit for just $180

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Right now Best Buy has a great deal on the Nanoleaf Shapes Smarter Kit that you’re going to want to take advantage of. The smarter kit usually costs $200 at full retail price but you can currently pick it up for $180. These are great if you want to start putting together your smart lighting setup for a game room, entertainment room, or just any room in the home that needs more lighting.

I have been using the smarter kit myself with additional panels for a while now and it’s great. You can set things up to output white lighting. Which is perfect for getting work done if you work from home. Then when your day is over, you can choose a scene with colors you like to give the room some ambience. These are compatible with Razer Chroma too. So if you play PC games, you can link the Nanoleaf shapes to the Nanoleaf app on your PC. Then they’ll display the cool Razer Chroma lighting effects for compatible games.

It’s a really cool visual setup for game sessions. Now the smarter kit comes with 7 panels which is enough to get you started. But if you want to make some larger panel configurations you’ll want some add-on kits that come with more panels. And if you want to make things really cool, you can pair the Shapes kits with the Nanoleaf 4D kit for some awesome visuals. The 4D kit is an RGB light strip with a camera that mirrors the colors of your monitor or TV. Which is really awesome for making your games or movies more immersive. And it gets even better when the Nanoleaf Shapes are paired with it.

The Nanoleaf Shapes kits are also touch-reactive. Plus you can adjust the brightness, either from the phone or PC app, or on the unit itself.

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