Grab the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ for only $170

Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ Deal

If you’re in the market for a new tablet, or your first tablet, Amazon has a great deal on the Galaxy Tab A9+ right now that that’s worth the savings. This is for the 64GB version of the tablet and this would normally retail for $220 at full price.

But right now Amazon has cut the price by $50, bringing it down to $170. That’s a savings of 23% which is pretty good for a tablet that was already affordable. In addition to the 64GB of storage, the Galaxy Tab A9+ comes with an 11-inch display and a 90Hz refresh rate, making it good for really any form of entertainment. If you like reading, you’ll be able to read everything with ease thanks to the big display. Scrolling the web, watching movies, and even playing games will also benefit from the big display.

Plus, to make the entertainment value even better, Samsung has included four speakers with this tablet for a better, more immersive sound stage. The tablet supports Dolby Atmos too. Another thing that this tablet is great for is video chat with the front-facing camera. If you have it set up on a stand somewhere around the kitchen or living room, you can basically use it like a smart display. Whether that’s for video chat, asking Google about the weather, or watching video recipe guides while you cook.

That last idea is what I like to use mine for. Because it makes things really easy if I don’t have to stop and clean my hands a whole bunch just to touch my phone. The Galaxy Tab A9+ is great for kids as well because it’s not super expensive. So if something happens to it, it’s much easier to replace than anything from the Galaxy Tab S lineup.

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