Grab these Beats Studio Buds+ for $40 off!

Beats Studio Buds+ Discount Silver

Amazon is offering the Beats Studio Buds+ at a discount right now, allowing you to save 24% on the regular price. The Beats brand has been around for a long time and although the brand started as on-ear headphones, it’s grown into a larger collection of products that includes true wireless earbuds like these Studios Buds+.

These are usually $169.95 but right now because of the discount you would only pay $129.95 for them. And that’s a pretty good deal. The Beats Studio Buds+ are loaded with features to make your music sound great. You can expect some pretty balanced sound but Beats also tend to be kind of heavy on the bass. So if you love more bass in your audio then you’ll love these.

These also feature Active Noise Cancellation. If you listen to music with earbuds while out in public a lot, the ANC is a great way to block out noise. And it’s perfect for planes so you don’t have to hear everyone else. However, sometimes you want to hear other sounds around you and this is where the ambient sound mode comes in. So you can filter in other noises. For example, the ambient sound mode is perfect for when you wear your earbuds out shopping. And eventually need to speak to a person at checkout. You can turn on the ambient mode and avoid having to take out the earbuds.

When it comes to battery life these should last up to 9 hours on a single charge. However, that will vary depending on your own listening habits. Thanks to the charging case though you can take that out to a full 36 hours of listening time. When the earbuds and the case are dead just plug them both in. If you’re in need of a new set of true wireless earbuds you can snag these from the link below.

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