Grab these HIFIMAN SVANAR true wireless earbuds for $200


True wireless earbuds have started a revolution in how people listen to music on the go, and right now Amazon has a great deal on the HIFIMAN SVANAR true wireless in-ear HiFi earphones. These are basically in-ear monitors that are wireless so you can expect some pretty amazing sound coming out of them. Not to mention they look pretty stylish too.

These regularly retail for $300 but right now Amazon is slashing the price on them by $100, bringing them down to $200. This is a pretty good price when you consider the quality of audio you get from these. And especially so when you compare them to other earbuds that are around the same price. And there are a lot of other earbuds that you can pay the same amount or more for that wouldn’t offer audio that’s this good.

That’s in part to the HIFIMAN SVANAR’s HYMALAYA R2R DAC that powers the drivers in these earbuds. These also feature some excellent active noise cancellation. If you’ve ever wanted a pair of earbuds that block out sound as much as possible, you’ll be hard-pressed to find some that do a better job. In terms of battery life, these are pretty good. They’re not ground-breaking but they do last up to 7 hours on a single charge which is good. They can also last up to 28 hours with the charging case. So they’re more than capable of lasting most people long enough for a day’s use.

These are IPX5 water-resistant as well. Which means if you wear them outside while it’s raining they’ll be ok. A splash here or there isn’t going to hurt them. You do not, however, want to submerge them in water or liquid of any kind.

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