Grab UGREEN’s 65W 3-in-1 USB-C charger for just $33

UGREEN 65W Charger Discount

These days having a compact charger to juice up your devices feels like a necessity, and right now you can pick up a really good one with the UGREEN 65W Nexode 3 charger that Amazon is offering at a discount.

The regular price for this charger is $49.99 but you can currently pick it up for $32.99. This saves you a total of $17 or 34%. Now $33 might still sound like a lot for a charger but it’s definitely worth it. UGREEN makes some of the best chargers and they will often be capable of charging more than one device at a time. Not to mention this one in particular can also charge larger portable devices like your MacBook Pro or Nintendo Switch. Plus, there are three total ports so if you needed to you could also charge your phone and your earbuds at the same time.

This is an excellent charger to have for travel. So if you travel a lot for work or you simply want one to bring with you to use at your office every day, the UGREEN 65W charger will get the job done. We’ve used one for both work travel and personal travel. And they’re great for keeping the laptops charged while at the airport. Especially with the sometimes limited amount of power outlets that can be available. Because as mentioned above, you can charge more than one device. And that means you would only need one outlet.

To make things even better, the wall prongs fold in so the charger fits more neatly into a bag pocket. It really is a great travel charger even if you’re just traveling across town on a commute. The charger also comes in three colors which are Black, Glacier Blue, and White. Worth noting though is that the Glacier Blue and White models are $33.99 instead of $32.99. If you need a nice compact, yet powerful charger, you can’t go wrong with this one.

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