Here’s the Google I/O 2024 session list

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The tech world is now gearing up for the next major tech event which is Google I/O. This is a yearly conference where Google talks about what it plans on doing for Android, AI, Chrome, Etc. Well, Google just revealed the session list for Google I/O 2024.

Google I/O 2024 is going to take place on May 14th at 1:00 p.m. EST. Right now, we don’t know exactly what Google is going to talk about. However, we know that the company is going to touch on its latest innovations in AI technology, Android 15, and other things. So, if you’re excited about this next conference, be sure to mark your calendar.

We also can’t rule out any surprises. For example, Google introduced Material You during the 2021. Just a year later, Google introduced the Pixel 7a along with the Pixel Tablet. So, who knows if Google will be fresh and exciting this year?

Google reveals the session list for Google I/O 2024

The company is going to speak about a lot of different subjects during the event. There are 16 in all, and many of them are expected. The list comprises AI, Android, ChromeOS, Google Play, Google Maps, smart home stuff, and Wear OS 5. However, along with these, the company’s also going to talk about accessibility, AR/VR, Cloud, Design, Firebase, Flutter, Go, and the Web.

When it comes to Android, we’re pretty certain that we’ll be talking about different AI innovations coming to Android 15. As for Google AI, the company will be talking about tools like Gemini, Gemma, Google AI Studio, and more.

Now that Google has an entire ecosystem of hardware, there’s no telling if the company will give us some insight into the upcoming devices like the Pixel 8a, Pixel Tablet 2, or Pixel 9 phones. So, it’s probably going to be a packed event. It’ll also be the biggest event until Google’s hardware event coming later this year.

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