Here’s the tech behind Google Fiber 20 gigabit Internet service

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In December, Google Fiber announced it wants to launch an ultra-fast 20 gigabit internet service in Triangle, NC. The service would cost $250 a month, with installations beginning in the first quarter of 2024. This is one of the fastest Internet speeds the world has ever seen, but the technology behind it is also interesting.

The Google Fiber 20 gigabit internet service uses a technology called passive optical network (PON). As Cisco explains, the PON is basically a system that relies on fiber optic cabling to transfer Ethernet connectivity from a primary data source to endpoints.

In contrast to PON, there’s also a term called active optical networking (AON), which is also used to deploy a high-speed FTTH network. The main difference between PON and AON is that PON can share a single fiber between multiple users, while AON requires each user to have its own fiber.

Google Fiber relies on passive optical network (PON) to deploy its 20 gigabit internet service

Besides more power consumption, AON also has higher operational costs, and it’s more complicated to manage. However, it can cover much longer distances. But the PON benefits are also considerable. The PON is less expensive to deploy and can use existing fiber optics. Additionally, it’s one of the safest methods to deploy secure broadband technology.

“On the fiber side, passive optical networks (PON) should provide cost efficiencies versus running dedicated fiber to every individual customer,” Tom Snyder, executive director of RIoT said. “Prior fiber networks capped out around 10 gig, but new technology theoretically can reach 50 gig, so the 20 gig service is impressive and at least 2x what was available before.”

The Google Fiber 20 gigabit internet service is certainly a solid choice for gamers and professional users. Of course, the service would cost $250 a month, which is a relatively high price. It also comes with support for Wi-Fi 7. If you live in Triangle, NC, and can afford the service, Google is ready to accept your order.

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