Hidizs ST2 Pro Digital IEMs coming soon with USB-C connector


As the smartphone industry continues to ditch the 3.5 mm headphone jack, audiophiles will welcome the Hidizs ST2 Pro Digital IEMs. Hidizs has previously been known for other audio products like DAPs, but has recently taken an interest in IEMs. IEMs, or In-Ear Monitors, are earphones that go inside the ear canal and create a seal, usually with a silicone or foam tip. An example of popular IEMs would be Apple’s AirPods or Samsung’s Galaxy Buds (barring the Buds Live).

The Hidizs ST2 Pro Digital promises excellent sound

Hidizs isn’t really a big name in the IEM market, but their previous products show promise. The Hidizs MS5 are a pair of wired IEMs that deliver excellent sound and give competition to other $300 products. Though slightly tuned more in favor of a consumer-centric, “exciting” sound signature, it still packs a punch. Clarity is great, and imaging and instrument separation is also up to the mark.

Competitors lean more towards a neutral sound signature for more “clinical listening”. The MS5, on the other hand, is geared towards bass heads. It is able to reproduce bass and sub-bass cleanly and accurately without losing the oomph. It also looks great, and is built quite sturdily. They combine metal and resin for a tough pair of earphones resistant to falls. If the MS5 is anything to go by, we can expect the Hidizs ST2 Pro Digital to be about the same in technical capabilities.

Why choose USB-C over wireless?

While most consumers have long since moved on to Bluetooth audio gear, audiophiles cling to wired headphones. This is because of multiple reasons, many of which average users aren’t even aware of. For starters, wired audio gear is able to transmit lossless audio, while even the LDAC codec on Bluetooth isn’t quite there yet. Because of lossless transmission, wired audio gear also sounds much better and at a cheaper cost than wireless alternatives. This is also because wired earphones and headphones do not require batteries and built-in DACs.

Latency is another reason wired is superior to wireless. Though apps like YouTube compensate for Bluetooth audio lag by delaying video playback, games cannot do the same without introducing input lag. So people who play competitive games on their phones prefer wired audio over wireless.

There is currently no release date or info on availability for the ST2. However, TechRadar reports the company is releasing its USB-C to 3.5 mm adapter DAC in February. This DAC promises to deliver high quality sound, and could be a much more convenient replacement for the USB-C dongles you can buy today.

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