High-end audio brand Moondrop could launch a Hi-Fi phone

Moondrop Hi Fi Phone

Moondrop is a company that specializes in high-end audio products like headphones and in-ear monitors (IEMs), but it looks like the company may be looking to launch a Hi-Fi phone. What this will be exactly is anyone’s guess.

Phones that support Hi-Res audio are not so common these days although you can still find them around. For instance, As What Hi-Fi points out, the Sony Xperia 1V supports Hi-Res audio through the use of the included 3.5mm audio port. You can think of this as a Hi-Fi phone. More recently released devices like the ROG Phone 8 Pro Edition also support Hi-Res audio (as do the standard and regular Pro models) and have 3.5mm audio ports. Most phones though, especially those from the most popular brands like Samsung and Apple, have done away with headphone ports.

They’re essentially a thing of the past for the majority of brands. If you’re an audiophile, then you might be excited at the prospect of a company like Moondrop releasing a Hi-Fi phone. Especially since this is a company that specializes in high-quality audio.

The Moondrop Hi-Fi phone is being teased on the company’s website

It’s not entirely clear if Moondrop is releasing a phone, at least it hasn’t been confirmed by Moondrop. However, the company does seem to be teasing a phone release. Over on the official Moondrop website, there’s now a new “phone” category listed at the top of the page. When you click on it, you get a short message. It reads “5G HiFi Mobile Audio Device. Explore the integration of art and reason. Coming Soon.”

Now, this might not sound like a phone. Our first thought was that it sounds like something similar to Sony’s newer Walkmans powered by Android. After all, it’s a Hi-Fi audio device for listening to music and it is technically a “mobile” device since you use it while mobile. That might be splitting hairs. Sure. But it fits. All of that aside, the fact remains that Moondrop has this product listed under a phone category. So it would seem that it does indeed plan to reveal a phone.

There are no mentions about a reveal date, but it does appear Moondrop has a name for this device. A tentative name, at least. The phone appears to be called the MIAD01. An animated graphic of the device also sits on the page. Although this is just a silhouette of a phone-shaped device. You don’t get to see the actual design. It looks like the volume and power buttons may be placed on the left side of the device and it could end up having some form of RGB lighting.

The presence of RGB is unclear, but the image does have a trail of RGB lighting that travels along the edge of the device’s outline. Which may or may not be part of a feature tease. Either way, if you’ve been wanting a phone that focuses primarily on Hi-Fi audio, maybe this is what you’re looking for.

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