HMD’s not holding any punches: could be launching 6 phones

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For several years, Finnish smartphone maker HMD has been making phones under the Nokia brand. However, recently, we got the news that the company wanted to strike out on its own and start making HMD-branded smartphones. Leaked information about an HMD-branded phone came out recently, and it looks like this phone will be a mid-ranger. However, thanks to new information, it appears that HMD is planning on launching six phones.

Obviously, since this is leaked information, you’ll want to take it with a grain of salt. The information comes from notable leaker Evan Blass, who’s proven to be a reliable source. However, anything can change at a moment’s notice.

HMD could be planning on launching six phones

This is quite the maiden voyage; many companies tend to launch only one phone to start with. However, HMD believes that launching only one phone is for wimps. According to a new report, we might see six HMD devices hit the market.

Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about these phones like their specs, capabilities, intended markets, or prices. The information we do have is the code names that the company chose for them. These code names are Pulse, Pulse+, Pulse Pro, Legend, Legend+, and Legend Pro.

We don’t know what these phones will be like, but we at least know the format of the models. The Pulse and Legend phones will be the base models while the “+” and Pro Models will be the more premium offerings. We expect better displays, more RAM/storage, and better processors with the more premium models.

We’re not quite sure if HMD Will do what TCL does and launch a slew of devices all with extremely similar specs. Hopefully, the Pro models of these devices will be competitive with some of the notable premium mid-rangers on the market like the Galaxy S23 FE.

A fresh start?

It will be exciting to see more powerful devices from this company. We’re not sure if the Nokia branding is holding HMD back from truly defining its identity in the smartphone market. Nokia holds a lot of nostalgia, but as smartphones spread to younger and younger markets, its name holds diminishing weight.

Now, people mostly associate Nokia with this current lackluster performance in the market rather than its past dominance. The six phones that HMD is working on might be a breath of fresh air. At this point, all we can do is wait and see what the company plans to do.

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