Huawei to launch Android-free HarmonyOS NEXT in September

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Huawei is planning to push its very own operating system out to the market. That’s not exactly a secret. Huawei will launch Android-free HarmonyOS NEXT this year, and a new rumor claims it’s coming in September.

Huawei could launch its very own HarmonyOS NEXT OS in September to push out Android

This information comes from Digital Chat Station, one of the best-known tipsters around. Do note that this OS will launch in China first, but it’s expected to spread to global markets too. The global launch is expected next year, but nothing has been confirmed just yet.

Considering the timing, HarmonyOS NEXT could launch alongside the Huawei Mate 70 series. Those devices are also tipped to arrive in September, so the timing definitely fits.

With HarmonyOS NEXT, Huawei will ditch Android. The company doesn’t have that much choice considering all the sanctions it has been given. HarmonyOS (China) and EMIU (global markets) is currently running on the company’s smartphones, and it’s based on AOSP.

Huawei is very limited in that regard, and can’t really keep pushing updates on top of older Android versions (the newest models are based on Android 12, for example). The company has been aware of that for quite some time now, which is where HarmonyOS NEXT comes in.

Huawei has managed to convince a lot of companies to develop native apps

Huawei has seemingly been able to convince tons of companies to develop apps for HarmonyOS NEXT. The company said that over 4,000 apps have already been developed for it, and many more are on the way.

At least 5,000 apps will be ready to go by the end of 2024, while Huawei plans to reach 500,000 apps in a rather short time span. The company identified the main app targets, both locally and globally, and is working on making sure to provide users with the needed apps.

Think of HarmonyOS NEXT as a direct competitor to Android and iOS. It’s a brand new operating system, not just a fork of Android. I want to be perfectly clear about that.

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