Huawei Vision headset to cost much less than Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro gesture control

After Apple launched its Vision Pro headset, competition in the AR/VR headset market is heating up, and more companies are entering this segment. As expected, Chinese companies don’t want to fall behind.

As Huawei Central reports, Huawei is preparing to launch its rival for Apple Vision Pro. The Huawei’s headset is said to be less expensive than the Vision Pro while offering the same level of technology. The news comes on the heels of a Weibo post by former marketing director of Meizu Li Nan that announced Huawei is likely to release a ‘Vision Pro’ headset later this year.

Huawei Vision Pro is a response to Apple with a competitive price tag

According to Li, Huawei’s alleged virtual reality headset is powered by an in-house chip from the Chinese firm. This might make Huawei drop the EyeSight feature. As a side note, the EyeSight feature shows the person’s eye on the front of Apple Vision Pro to create a sense of actual eye contact.

The device reportedly weighs 350 grams, almost half the weight of Apple Vision Pro. Li added that Huawei’s headset could cost around CNY15,000. Apple Vision Pro is currently priced at around CNY27,999 in China, and the device is expected to land there in April or May.

Huawei Vision Pro will also get the Sony micro-OLED 4K display to offer a similar immersive experience as Apple’s headset. However, Apple has the upper hand with the M2 and R1 chipsets. Huawei would need a more powerful chipset than the Kirin 9000S for a zero-lag experience. Apple is also acquiring a German AI startup to foster its Vision Pro development. All in all, Huawei would have a hard time competing with Apple in this market.

Meanwhile, Apple might need to launch the Vision Pro headset with a new name in China. Huawei registered the “Vision Pro” name in its homeland in 2019 and used it for some of its smart TVs and Glasses lineup.

Li also stated that Sony will prepare and ship Huawei orders in six months. So, we can expect the Huawei Vision Pro to land by the end of the year.

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