HUGE savings! Get this $26 Spigen GaN charger for $8

Spigen ArcStation Pro Deal

It never hurts to have an extra charger on hand for travel or even at home especially if you can pick it up at a steep discount, like the Spigen ArcStation Pro that Amazon has a deal on right now. The ArcStation Pro is a 20W GaN charger that can be used for a multitude of different devices, and it regularly costs about $26. However, Amazon is offering a limited-time deal on it where you can pick it up for just $8. That’s a massive discount of 69% and a deal we certainly wouldn’t pass up.

Even if you already have a wall adapter to charge your device at home, having an extra is always a good idea. I keep a spare wall adapter and a spare USB-C cable around so I can keep my main charger at home and have one for travel. The extra generally stays in my travel backpack or in another bag I use if I leave the house and might need to plug something in.

Since this is a limited-time deal the discount isn’t likely to stick around for too long. As the ArcStation Pro is a 20W charger, it won’t charge things like your laptop or devices like handheld gaming consoles. So that means this isn’t suitable for the Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, or other similar handhelds. It can however easily charge your smartphone, smartwatch, or earbuds. Or any other device that doesn’t need more than 20W to charge up.

This charger also comes with a folding set of prongs. This will make it way easier to store it in a bag as the prongs won’t stick out or catch on pockets. Now the ArcStation Pro is a one-port adapter so you can only charge one device at a time. Also worth noting is that the GaN chip inside helps this charger run more efficiently and at a lower temperature so it doesn’t overheat.

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