Instagram explores file-sharing feature for Direct Messages

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Reportedly, Instagram is in the process of developing a new feature that will let users send files via direct messages (DMs). The add-on will enhance collaboration and communication among users. Although there are few details available about the new feature as of now, it seems to target business accounts, providing them with a relatively easy way to send documents and files like presentations to their customers or clients.

Instagram file-sharing feature in the works: Share more than photos with your DM

The leaked screenshot on X indicates that file sharing will be accessible through the “+” button in the chat bar. The option will appear near other toggles such as add sticker, saved replies, and others. The specifics about types of files and size limitations are yet unknown. However, Instagram would likely limit these aspects for a smooth user experience.

Instagram aims to enhance direct communication between businesses and their clientele directly on its platform by introducing file sharing in DMs. This step may reduce off-platform messaging. This way businesses would not have to rely on other messaging services for file sharing.

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The proposed file-sharing feature could prove to be a game-changer for professionals who rely on Instagram for communication and networking. With this new functionality, users would be able to share important files and documents along with their messages, making it a more versatile and useful platform for work-related purposes.

Additional imminent features include ‘saved replies’ and ‘add yours’

Leaked screenshots also show that there are additional features incoming with the update such as “saved replies” and “add yours”. While it is possible that the function “saved replies” may enable keeping important messages for easier access, the meaning of “add yours” remains unknown.

The file-sharing feature has been long-awaited by many, and if it succeeds in being implemented, it could greatly enhance the overall user experience of Instagram. The hope is that eventually, all Instagram users will have access to this function, allowing them to seamlessly share and collaborate with others within the app.

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