iPhone 16 Pro tipped with colors, mockups, and capture button

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Rumors about the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro are piling up, shedding light on its potential features expected later this year. The latest tip reveals the color options for the iPhone 16 Pro, alongside a new Capture Button that will help snap photos with a tactile side press.

Apple iPhone 16 Pro colors and capture button spotted in leaks

According to a recent leak from Weibo, Apple will launch a new color option for its iPhone 16 Pro series. The lineup may see a new Rose Titanium edition, while Blue Titanium might discontinue. The move follows Apple’s switch from glossy stainless steel to matte titanium for the iPhone 15 Pro series. Furthermore, the company may also change its black and white titanium models.

As per 9to5Mac, the upcoming black version might resemble the Space black finish seen in previous models while the white variant might take the form of bright white glass that reminds of the iPhone 14 Pro finish. Further claims suggest that natural titanium color may change shades to something different from grey as previously observed. That means there could be an update to the iPhone 16 Pro’s palette as these speculations correlate with earlier mockups and reports available online.

Capture button on the device will serve user-defined functions

Another credible development is the leaked protective case which shows a cutout for a speculated Capture button on iPhone 16 Pro. The Capture button will exist at the lower right side of this device and provide users with an alternative to the Action button for easy access to camera features. Consequently, this integration hopes to enrich the user experience by facilitating quick and easy camera functionalities without distorting ergonomics.

The capture button could potentially mean a dedicated hardware button for capturing spatial video and photos, depending on what function the user assigns to it. Having a shutter-like button on the side will make it much easier to access cameras on the iPhone 16 Pro.

As we approach September, the rumors are picking up the pace just like it happens annually. Even though we still have no confirmation from Apple, the information above gives several insights into what might be showcased during the iPhone 16 launch in a few months.

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