iPhone 16 series will have extremely thin bezels

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The upcoming iPhone 16 devices from Apple will have extremely thin bezels, it seems. According to a new report from Korea, Apple will use something called BRS (Border Reduction Structure) in order to make it happen.

Apple will use new tech to make the iPhone 16 series bezels very thin

Those of you who are wondering, BRS is a “borderless display technology that minimizes the bezel at the bottom by rolling up the copper wiring at the bottom of the panel while reducing the bezel”.

That will make it possible for Apple to trim down the bottom bezel even more. We all know how Apple likes to keep the bezels uniform, so we can expect very thin bezels all around the display.

Just to be clear, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max already have very thin bezels. So any reduction to that would be welcomed. What’s interesting here is that SisaJournal, a Korean outlet, mentioned all four iPhone 16 phones here

The current-gen ‘Pro’ models have thinner bezels than the vanilla and ‘Plus’ models. Will that change with the iPhone 16 series? Will all four devices have bezels of the same thickness? Truth be said, that’s a bit hard to believe, but it’s a possibility.

The ‘Pro’ models will also include larger displays

Now, speaking of bezels, the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus are tipped to use displays of the same size. 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch panels, respectively. The ‘Pro’ models are coming with larger panels, though.

The iPhone 16 Pro is tipped to include a 6.3-inch panel, instead of a 6.1-inch one. THe iPhone 16 Pro Max will also have a larger display, a 6.9-inch one instead of a 6.7-inch one.

No matter how much Apple trims down the bezels, though, they’ll still be larger than their predecessors, at least the ‘Pro’ models, so keep that in mind.

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