iPhone guaranteed update support is below Google & Samsung

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Apple has officially set a guaranteed software support period of 5 years for iPhone devices. This confirms that, currently, companies like Google and Samsung already offer a longer guaranteed update period for their flagships.

On April 29, the new PSTI regulation came into force in the UK. It includes new requirements for internet-connected products to guarantee user security and privacy. One of those requirements for companies is to set a “Defined Support Period.” This term refers to the minimum update support period that their products will receive. So, Apple was forced to officially confirm for the first time a minimum period during which devices, like the iPhone, will get guaranteed updates.

Apple officially guarantees 5 years of updates for iPhones

Apple has never detailed how many updates an iPhone will receive. However, users had no complaints in this regard, thanks to the long period of support they usually offer. That said, in compliance with the PSTI, the company has officially set a 5-year “Defined Support Period” for iPhone devices. It’s noteworthy that this is a minimum period. So, the company can send updates for longer, just as it has done before.

For example, the iPhone XS will be 6 years old in September. However, it has continued to receive updates beyond the 5 years guaranteed by Apple. It will be interesting to see if the company also ships iOS 18 to this generation of iPhones. The “Defined Support Period” begins counting from the “first supply date,” according to the document. In the case of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, its first supply date is September 22, 2023.

Samsung and Google are ahead in terms of guaranteed updates

That said, Google and Samsung have explicitly guaranteed “at least” 7 years of software support. This is valid for the Pixel 8 and Galaxy S24 series. The Pixel 8a, Google’s latest mid-ranger, also boasts the same software support. In the case of Samsung, only the Galaxy S24 series is guaranteed this treatment. The South Korean giant is likely to reserve this “special treatment” for its premium flagship devices. Meanwhile, the company provides support for 4 years of Android updates to mid-range devices such as the Galaxy A55 and Galaxy A35.

Android devices surpassing Apple’s update period was unthinkable a few years ago. This demonstrates the good work that Google and Samsung have been doing lately. Could other Android brands catch up in the near future? Only time will tell. Currently, companies like Xiaomi and OPPO offer up to 4 years of Android updates. However, similar to Samsung, this applies to flagships and selected premium mid-rangers.

iPhone 5 years guaranteed update support
Source: Android Authority

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