iPhone SE 4 could get a price bump after all

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According to a tipster, the upcoming Apple iPhone SE 4 could get a price bump. Now, to be clear, this is just one of the possibilities. There’s also a chance Apple is aiming to keep the same price tag.

The iPhone SE 4 could get a price bump, compared to its predecessor

According to Revegnus, a tipster, the phone will either launch at $429 in the US or see a price bump of 10%. As a reminder, the iPhone SE 3 launched at $429 in the US, so there’s a chance the same price tag will remain.

If it gets a 10% price increase, you’ll have to splash out $470 in order to get the phone. Either way, Apple goal is to keep the price tag below $499, claims the tipster.

The iPhone SE 4 has been in the rumor mill for a long time now. Its launch dates have changed so many times it has become difficult to keep track. The latest information that surfaced suggests that the phone will finally launch next year, though.

The device could use the iPhone 14 design, with some changes

The iPhone SE 4 is tipped to walk away from the iPhone 8 design, finally. Apple is expected to use a more modern, iPhone 14-inspired design for the phone. In fact, the company could end up using the iPhone 14 shell with some minor changes.

Unlike the iPhone SE 3 which is tiny, and has a button under the display, in addition to very thick bezels, this device will definitely look more modern. A notch is expected at the top of the display, along with Face ID functionality.

The bezels will of course be much thinner, and the button below the display won’t be included at all. Most rumors suggested that the phone will have a single camera on the back. So even if the iPhone 14 shell ends up being used, one camera could be removed from the back.

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