Just Announced: Samsung TV Plus adding MLB, PGA Tour, F1 and More Content

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At NewFronts 2024, where many content providers will announce new shows and new carriage deals, Samsung has announced that its TV Plus service will be getting a few new FAST channels.

Samsung TV Plus will be gaining content from MLB, PGA Tour, AHL, Formula One and the One Championship TV. Samsung says that it will be delivering live sports from all of these leagues, and also include the first Formula 1 FAST channel. For those unaware, FAST channels are free ad-supported TV channels that are all the rage these days. Which means you’re getting all of this content for free.

But that’s not all, Samsung TV Plus is also starting an exclusive partnership with Warner Music, which will bolster the over 500 channels that are already on the service. This will include The Drop, which is a new video-on-demand playlist experience that will tie into the launch of new album releases. And Artist Odyssey, which is a chronological journey through a Warner Artists’ catalog.

Samsung TV Plus is active on over 630 million devices globally

Samsung TV Plus started out as a FAST service on its smartphones, but it has now launched on many TVs and tablets too, making its reach pretty incredible. Of course, with it being completely free, that does help quite a bit. Samsung says that TV Plus is available on over 630 million devices globally, in around 24 countries. So it’s not even available in every country just yet.

The service has also seen a 60% growth in time spent watching, year-over-year. That’s no small feat, but it’s also not surprising. As content is getting more expensive, and people need to save money, TV is one of the first things that gets cut. Again, Samsung TV Plus is free, so people are spending more time on it. Samsung also claims to have over 2,600 channels available globally, which is really impressive.

If you haven’t tried out Samsung TV Plus, you should definitely check it out.

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