Kling AI video generator challenges Sora with impressive results

TikTok rival Kling AI video generator

Kling, developed by TikTok’s rival in China, is a new AI-powered video-generating service. AI tools are becoming more and more capable, and it seems that the next big leap will be in the generation of clips. OpenAI, one of the biggest names in the segment, launched this year by launching Sora. Kling wants to be a worthy rival.

Maybe the name “Kuaishou” doesn’t sound familiar to you. It’s because outside of China it is known as “Kwai.” The service has established itself as TikTok’s main rival in China. However, it now wants to step firmly into the AI-powered video generation segment. Kuaishou describes Kling as a “model of video generation.” Like other similar services, videos are generated based on a text prompt.

First Kling AI generated video samples are impressive

People who have had access to the service, like Min Choi, have posted some generated videos. The results seem quite impressive:

The Kling AI website includes multiple other samples of generated clips. However, let’s remember that those clips might have been retouched in some way. In the past, it was found that one of the videos generated by Sora had many additional hours of work behind it. Still, the thread in X above also includes examples generated from user prompts.

Currently, the Kling AI video generator is only available in China. Also, those interested must sign up for a waiting list. In its current state, it is capable of generating 1080p/30fps clips with a maximum duration of up to two minutes.

The company has not yet revealed when the service will be accessible without a waiting list or outside of China. However, TikTok’s rival appears to have a powerful and promising video-generating tool with Kling AI. Sora, its main international rival, will be available later this year according to Open AI.

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