Leica takes on Fujifilm with the compact D-Lux 8

With small and stylish compact cameras like Fujifilm’s X100 VI all the rage for influencers, Leica has decided to jump back into the game. The company just unveiled the $1,595 D-Lux 8, a followup to the D-Lux 7 released way back in 2018. While substantially restyled compared to the last model, it carries the same 17-megapixel Micro Four Thirds sensor and 24-75mm (35mm equivalent) f/1.7-2.8 lens as before. 

The original was effectively a rebadge of Panasonic’s LX100 II, but it’s not clear if the D-Lux 8 is using exactly the same sensor or an updated version. In any case, Leica didn’t reveal much information, beyond the sensor, resolution and lens, along with the new images. 

From the latter, we can see some substantial differences from the previous model. It has an all-black finish and leather-style wrap, much like its full-frame Q3 compact. The interface has also been simplified, with only a “play,” “menu” and d-pad type control on the rear, along with two unlabeled buttons. On top, there’s a power switch in place of the “4K” button. All of this is inspired by the Q lineup, the company said.

Leica takes on Fujifilm with the compact D-Lux 8

Spec-wise, all the company detailed is the sensor and lens, while saying it now supports RAW file capture, a first for the D-lux lineup. Other features, like video, autofocus and more have yet to be revealed. 

Leica also has new accessories including carrying straps, leather protectors, a flash and a hand grip. The company is also showing an app, without saying exactly what it does.

It would be a bit disappointing if the D-Lux 8 is just a spruced up version of the D-Lux 7, launched to take advantage of compact camera craze created by Fujifilm’s X100 series. The old model was a solid compact for its time, but offers contrast-detect instead of phase-detect autofocus, along with tame photo and video specs. 

It certainly does look good, though, and that’s been a key element in the compact camera renaissance. And for those attracted to the Leica’s storied history and that iconic red dot, $1,595 is as low a price as you’ll ever see for a new camera from the brand.

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