Lenovo to launch slidable tablet with Samsung display in 2025

Samsung Slidable OLED display

Lenovo plans to launch a slidable Android tablet next year, multiple sources have confirmed. The tablet will feature a 13-inch Samsung-made slidable display that can stretch to 17 inches when pulled out. The Korean firm first demonstrated this display tech in 2022.

Lenovo is readying a slidable tablet with a Samsung display

Samsung is one of the world’s leading display manufacturers. It makes all kinds of display products, from tiny screens for smartwatches to massive OLED TVs and digital signage. The company also has expertise in foldable and slidable display tech. Over the past few years, it has demoed various kinds of futuristic display solutions.

One of Samsung’s slidable display solutions may soon turn into a real product thanks to Lenovo. According to Patently Apple, which received the information from the Korean publication ETNews, the product will be a tablet and laptop hybrid. In its normal state, the device will have a 13-inch display and function like a tablet. But you can pull out the display to get a 17-inch screen and use the device like a laptop.

Interestingly, noted tipster Ross Young, who has over 25 years of experience in the display industry, says the device will feature an 18.1-inch screen. It is unclear whether this means it will come in two different sizes or one of the sources has inaccurate information. Or maybe Lenovo has yet to finalize everything. After all, the tablet isn’t coming anytime soon. It is still a year away.

In an X post, Ross said he can “confirm” the existence of this slidable tablet in Lenovo’s pipeline, adding that the company plans to launch the device in the second quarter of 2025, i.e., between April and June. A precise launch timeline may surface in the coming months. We also expect to learn more about the tablet later this year. Rumors say it may support stylus input like Samsung’s flagship tablets.

Samsung may also launch a similar product in the coming years

Samsung is also long rumored to be working on a slidable tablet and laptop hybrid. Not much has materialized yet but the Korean firm may have a similar product to Lenovo’s upcoming tablet in the pipeline. It may arrive in the coming years. The next major launch from Samsung will be the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 foldables in July. The new foldables are rumored to debut on July 10, followed by a market release later that month.

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