Lenovo’s new Legion 7000k series to feature laptop processors

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Lenovo announced a new line of gaming PCs that will use laptop processors instead of the traditional desktop processors. Called the “Legion 7000k” series, these new desktops will be powered by high-performance mobile CPUs from Intel’s 13th Gen Core HX series. These chips boast impressive power capabilities, reaching a maximum turbo power (PL2) of 253 watts, according to VideoCardz.

This shift is facilitated by Lenovo’s innovative MoDT (Mobile on Desktop) platform, as reported by IT Home. Unlike traditional desktops with removable CPU sockets, MoDT integrates processors directly onto the motherboard.

 Benefits and concerns of the Legion 7000k series’ processors

Laptop processors are generally smaller and more energy-efficient than their desktop counterparts. This could translate to smaller, quieter, and potentially more affordable gaming PCs. Additionally, advancements in mobile processor technology have narrowed the performance gap between desktops and laptops. As TechRadar suggests, this move could be a way for Lenovo to prevent desktop PCs from dying out by offering a streamlined and potentially cost-effective option for gamers.

However, concerns exist. Desktop processors typically have more cores and higher clock speeds, potentially impacting performance in demanding games at high resolutions. Upgradability is another concern, as soldered-on MoDT processors can’t be easily swapped out like traditional desktops.

The future of gaming PCs: a new era for compact power?

The success of Lenovo’s Legion 7000k series will depend on its ability to deliver competitive performance and value proposition. If these desktops can match the raw power of typical gaming PCs in a smaller and potentially more affordable package, it could mark a shift in the market. However, concerns regarding long-term upgradeability and potential performance limitations in specific areas remain to be addressed.

One thing’s for sure: Lenovo’s move has sparked a conversation about the future of gaming PCs. As technology continues to evolve, the lines between laptops and desktops may continue to blur, offering gamers more flexible and potentially more compact options without sacrificing performance.

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