LG’s massive 86-inch 4K TV drops to $800

LG 86 Inch Class UR7800 TV Discount

A TV with a large screen that sits around 86 inches is typically something that costs well over $1,000, but that is not the case with LG’s massive 86-inch Class UR7800 TV which Best Buy is now offering at a discount. You can currently pick this TV up for $799.99 which is $450 off the regular price of $1,249.99.

This is a 4K UHD smart TV that runs on LG’s webOS software. If you’re unfamiliar with webOS, it’s the operating system for the TV that gives it smart features. As a smart TV, you can access all kinds of streaming apps for viewing content from all of your favorite services. This includes Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV+, Max, Disney+, and more. This is the kind of TV you get if you want an unparalleled experience for watching movies. And at this price, it’s the perfect home cinema TV because all of your content will be larger than life.

If watching your favorite shows and movies on a screen this big sounds like a good time to you, you might want to jump on the deal quickly. Because an 86-inch TV from a good brand at a price this low isn’t likely to stick around for long. If you enjoy gaming, this TV is good for that too. Not only does it feature a Game Optimizer for hooked-up consoles, but it also has the GeForce NOW app. With GeForce NOW you don’t even need to hook up a console. You just need to subscribe to the service, connect a controller, and you can jump right into games you own on Steam and elsewhere.

This works because the TV is connected to the internet, and GeForce NOW lets you stream games in the cloud. So there’s no downloading and no updating. Just playing games. If you’re ready to take your entertainment to the next level, grab this deal before it’s gone.

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