Many tech leaders like Sam Altman join federal AI safety board

Sam Altman AI Board

The chief executives of several leading tech companies are joining the US government’s Artificial Intelligence Safety and Security Board. OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman, Microsoft chief Satya Nadella, and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai are some of these tech leaders. The newly created federal advisory board will focus on the secure use of AI within the United States’ critical infrastructure.

The AI board will advise the government on how to safely deploy AI in critical infrastructure

The newly created federal AI board will be working with and advising the Department of Homeland Security. Their main focus will be the safe deployment of artificial intelligence within the country’s critical infrastructure. They will create safety systems to protect the economy, medical care, and other major industries from any threats posed by AI. In addition, the board will prevent potential harm from utilizing artificial intelligence in the power grid and transportation.

NVIDIA’s CEO Jensen Huang is also one of the two dozen tech and business leaders joining the federal AI safety board. Delta Air Line chief executive Ed Bastian and Northrop Grumman’s Kathy Warden are also confirmed to be part of the board. The Wall Street Journal Reports that the federal AI board will also include academics and civil rights leaders.

The federal AI safety board was announced by the Biden administration last year

The Artificial Intelligence Safety and Security Board or AISSB was announced by the Biden administration last year. It is part of the government’s push to protect various aspects of critical infrastructure from AI threats. It requires creators of the most powerful AI systems like OpenAI to share their safety results, apart from other critical information.

These companies are required to provide these results prior to the AI model being made available to the public. This helps reduce the rate at which the creators release half-baked and potentially problematic machine-learning products. The Wall Street Journal adds that the federal artificial intelligence safety board members will hold their first meeting in May. Furthermore, they are expected to conduct meetings every quarter of the year.

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