Mark Gurman says there’s no iPad launch event on March 26

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Recent leaks by Instant Digital claiming that the new iPads will launch on March 26 have been refuted by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who said it is “not true.” While Instant Digital has had a long history of wrong predictions, the leaker has been active on Weibo lately with details about the new iPad Pro models. Folks at Apple Insider confirmed no invitations have gone out for the alleged event, debunking the previous rumors.

Apple’s next-gen iPads will not debut on March 26, Mark Gurman confirms

Instant Digital indicated various other things such as key features of the new iPad Pro models. Firstly, the tipster suggested that the models would come with both glossy and matte screen options, with a haze value indicating effective anti-glare treatment. Whether this is true or not is still a mystery. Hence, doubts linger around this information because no other source has confirmed it.

Secondly, the leaker indicated that the iPad bezels would be 15% thinner this year, aligning with previous reports from Bloomberg and other sources. This claim seems to be more believable with support from different quarters and Apple’s endeavors towards having smaller bezel sizes in their product line.

However, in his latest X post, Gurman disputed Instant Digital’s statement about an iPad announcement on March 26. Gurman did not give an exact date but mentioned that we could expect to see it between late March and April. He added that Apple might even release an updated version of iPadOS 17.4 specifically for these new models by the end of March or early April making speculations about an earlier announcement baseless.

Some details provided in the early leaks could be true

The next-gen iPads with M3 chips and OLED screens might have slimmer designs. The improved hardware will likely help them in their performance gains. Regardless of uncertain release dates for these devices, they are undoubtedly stirring excitement among many people because they promise big improvements compared to older versions.

While it is true that Instant Digital was right in some instances, this inconsistency demonstrates how difficult it is to depend only on leaks and rumors in the tech space. The company has yet to confirm anything official while speculations continue regarding the highly awaited refresh for the iPad Pro 2023.

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