MediaTek’s flagship chip revenue is up 50% in 2024

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Oh, how times have changed. MediaTek, the company that people associated with cheaper and underperforming chipsets, has come very far in establishing itself as a competitor to Qualcomm. According to the company, MediaTek’s flagship smartphone chip revenue is up 50% in Q1 2024.

Several years ago, MediaTek was always the company to go to if a company wanted a cheap chip to throw in their phone without any regard to the performance… and the performance was typically bad. However, the company has exploded over the past couple of years and brought forth some immense improvements.

The Dimensity series of high-power chips has proven to be a powerful family of chips. Several great devices we’ve reviewed use these chips like the Lenovo Tab Extreme, Tecno Camon 30 Premiere (Review), OnePlus Pad, Motorola Moto G Power 2024 (Review), and others.

MediaTek’s flagship smartphone chipset revenue is up by 50%

Right now, the most powerful chipset from the Taiwanese fabless chipmaker is the Dimensity 9300. This chip is a beast, and it’s been powering some very powerful devices including the Oppo Find X7 and the Vivo X100 Pro. More devices are going to launch with this powerful chipset as time goes on.

The company says that this chip greatly contributed to its revenue last quarter. According to a new report, the company reported a gross margin of 52.4% for the first quarter of 2024. That is a 4.1% increase compared to Q4 2023. In fact, the company CEO, Rick Tsai, says that the company should see a 14% to 16% increase in its annual revenue.

It shows that the popularity is increasing for MediaTek’s chips. This is auspicious for the company, as it’s getting ready to start testing its upcoming Dimensity 9400. We don’t know too much about this chipset, but we know that it’s going to be a power increase over the 9300.

Right now, rumors are floating around that this phone will not use efficiency cores in its architecture. This means that it could potentially have an overheating and Battery consumption issue. However, that remains to be seen.

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