Meta hopes Apple Vision Pro will reignite VR/AR industry

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According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Meta is hopeful the Apple Vision Pro will reignite the headset industry. Meta has been pouring billions of dollars into its “Metaverse”, but the entire concept has seen poor results. Apple’s foray into the VR, AR, and MR industries with its Apple Vision Pro headset has brought renewed interest to these headsets. And while Apple promises to make an entertainment and work gadget, Meta hopes this will help its metaverse as well.

What is the metaverse?

The metaverse, in theory, is a Sci-Fi concept brought to life. As shown in media like The Matrix and Ready Player One, the metaverse is a virtual world. Meta envisioned a digital universe people would live in using VR headsets, which the company also sells. The execution of this metaverse however, left a lot to be desired. For starters, the metaverse failed to meet the graphical expectations people had. It was mocked relentlessly on social media for looking like a video game from three generations ago.

A lack of practical use also killed interest in the metaverse. Simulated universes in movies like The Matrix have the appeal of feeling like real worlds. They allow users to live new experiences without the danger of dying or hurting themselves. The metaverse was an empty world with soulless avatars and nothing to actually do. Despite billions of Dollars having been invested into the metaverse, it still struggles to find any takers.

Meta thinks the Apple Vision Pro might help the metaverse grow

Meta apparently welcomes the “headset war” with Apple, according to the WSJ report. The competition, Meta hopes, will help garner more interest for the metaverse alongside Mixed Reality headsets in general. VR headsets before now have primarily been a niche hobby centered around gaming. The Apple Vision Pro expands on the concept; bringing enhanced workflow to the table alongside other forms of entertainment. For example, using the Apple Vision Pro, a user could stare at a blank wall and see a large projected screen. The Apple Vision Pro is also improving the controller aspect of VR headsets by letting users use just their hands.

“In addition, some developers are simplifying their apps and favor Apple’s design that allows wearers to use their eyes and fingers to control or manipulate what they see,” sources tell the WSJ. Lastly, the Apple Vision Pro’s steep price of almost $3,500 might urge more people to opt for Meta’s lineup of Quest headsets.

If the Apple Vision Pro really does reignite the headset industry, we can expect many more companies to jump in with their own offerings. There’s no shortage of excellent headsets on the market right now, but there is very limited content for these headsets. The race against Apple’s headset might finally justify the costs of premium VR headsets, and elevate gaming to a whole other level.

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