Meta will bring AI to its Ray-Ban smart glasses

Meta Ray Ban Smart Glasses

It seems that Meta is no longer the metaverse company, as it has pivoted towards AI. It’s been ramping up its AI endeavors over the past couple of months. Now, the company wants you to bring its AI out into the real world. According to a new report, Meta will bring AI to its Ray-Ban smart glasses.

The company partnered with Ray-Ban to bring a set of powered smart glasses that come equipped with a microphone and camera. Along with being a fashion statement, these glasses can also take pictures, record videos, and play music. If this is a product that interests you, you can order your pair at Ray-Ban for $299.99.

Meta will add AI to its Ray-Ban smart glasses

At this point, smart glasses are a pretty niche product. However, AI is not. Artificial intelligence has been making the rounds over the past year and a half, and several devices are working on bringing AI into the real world. A few examples of this are the Rabbit R1, and the Humane AI Pin. One is a smartphone-like device that you put in your pocket, and the other one is a pendant you attach to your clothes. So, here comes another form factor.

Meta will implement AI technology into its Ray-Ban smart glasses. With this functionality added, the smart glasses will be able to use its camera to identify objects and animals. The New York Times was able to get a hands-on with these glasses and test out their capabilities. The glasses struggled to identify animals that were far away or behind cages. Also, the glasses struggled with identifying an exotic fruit. However, it seemed that they still worked pretty fine.

You will also be able to use the AI for speech translation. So, it seems that it will help you have a seamless conversation with another person who speaks a different language. According to the report, it currently supports English, Italian, French, German, and Spanish.

You will be able to access the AI in the glasses by saying the “Hey Meta” hotword.

When will I be able to try this?

Right now, the AI functionality is being tested via a beta program. However, Meta will distribute the AI functionality next month.

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