Microsoft announces new Copilot+ PCs

Copilot Button

Well, Microsoft promised a slew of AI-powered computers, and the company delivered. It just held its latest event and announced a new line of AI-powered PCs called Copilot PCs. These are computers with AI deeply integrated into the software which means that the experience will be very much AI-driven.

We have already seen a few examples of these new PCs in the form of the new Surface Pro, and the new Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge. The former is Microsoft’s new and revamped Surface Pro 2-in-1 computer that uses either the new Snapdragon X Plus or Snapdragon X Elite chip depending on the model you get. The latter is Samsung’s newest computer boasting the Snapdragon X Elite chip along with other top-tier specs. Both computers come with AI integration out of the box. These are just two of the amazing computers we can expect to come out using powerful AI.

Microsoft announced new Copilot+ PCs

The Copilot+ PCs aren’t only being distributed by Microsoft this is similar to when Google announced the Chromebook+. This is a partnership between other manufacturers to implement more powerful software on their devices and create a more powerful platform. Microsoft partnered with Acer, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, and HP to bring forth these computers.

These new Copilot Computers will have a specialized version of Windows 11 that has AI massaged into every grain of the software. There will be deeply integrated AI tools powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4o. That’s the company’s most powerful AI model to date.

Since the software will come with AI built-in, you will be able to use a ton of on-device AI. The plus side to that is the fact that the data will be processed on the device, and it will not be sent to servers to be processed or used to train other models.

Along with that, these computers will come with a dedicated Copilot button on the keyboard. Obviously, this will be an extremely convenient shortcut to the AI.

Windows Recall

One neat feature that Microsoft showed off was called Windows recall. This is a feature that will either sound very impressive or extremely scary. It’s a feature that can read what is going on on your screen and actually remember what it saw. So, if you want to recall a document you were working on, a page you were searching for, or an action you were doing previously, you can ask Windows to recall what it was.

Say, you were looking at a page about the best way to walk your dog, but you completely forgot about it. Well, Windows will remember that page and recall it for you. You simply have to ask it, “What website was I looking at about how to walk your dog?”

It sounds scary, but the important thing to remember is that everything is processed on your computer. So, none of the data that Windows remembered will be sent to the cloud.

Minimum specs

Just like Windows 11, there’s definitely a bit of a barrier to cross for computers to be compatible with Copilot+. For starters, they need a minimum of 16GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD storage.  That’s not much to ask of a PC nowadays. The computer will also need to have an NPU with 40+ TOPS performance.

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