Microsoft is showing Chrome users a popup to switch to Edge

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It should be common knowledge by now that Microsoft is trying to push Edge onto any human being that has a pulse. If you’re using any other web browser on a Windows system, you’re more than likely to have seen the company pushing you to use Microsoft Edge as the default browser. It appears that the company is not stopping, as Microsoft is, yet again, showing a popup to Chrome users on Windows.

Microsoft has been in the headlines quite a bit recently. On Friday, the company unveiled Copilot Pro. This is the paid subscription service that gives copilot users a bevy of AI tools along with an extremely powerful AI model.

Also, Microsoft pointed fingers at Google’s dominance over the AI market during an EU probe. In a report submitted to EU regulators, Microsoft spoke about how Google’s business structure and voice assistant are a reason why the company has such a strong presence in the AI market.

Microsoft is showing Chrome uses a popup to switch to Edge again

This popup for Chrome users actually has a fair amount of people worried. According to several reports on Reddit, users were actually worried that they had been afflicted with some sort of malware. When a random popup appears pushing a user to a certain service, it’s usually indicative of some unwanted software on a computer. It prompted users to contact Microsoft to see if this was legitimate or if they needed to scan their computers. Microsoft confirmed that this was indeed from the company.

So, users uttered a sigh of relief before facepalming and cursing Microsoft. We all know that Microsoft wants to push people to use Edge, but it’s a little annoying having popups appearing out of nowhere pushing you to adapt to a completely different browser.

The popup will appear on the right side of the screen for users. Obviously, it’s pushing users over to Edge because of the AI features. Users will see the text “Chat with GPT-4 for free on Chrome! Get hundreds of daily chat turns with BingAI.” Under that, the popup lists some bullet-pointed items. The first one is “Try Bing as default search – easy to switch back.” The second says “Install Bing service to improve chat experience.” Under that, you get the option to accept or decline it.

Fortunately, this is only a one-time thing. Microsoft confirms that the popup will only appear once on your computer. So, if you’ve already shooed away the popup, it will be gone until the next time Microsoft decides to push it again.

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