MSI is already planning three more Claw gaming handhelds

MSI Claw A1M (5)

MSI just unveiled a new model of the Claw handheld with the Claw 8 AI Plus, and the company has already confirmed it’s in the planning stages for the Claw 2. MSI’s Claw 8 AI Plus was unveiled this week at Computex, and it sports some notable upgrades that will no doubt make it the model to buy. While the MSI Claw A1M model that was released earlier this year was highly anticipated, it ended up with less than favorable reviews.

The Claw 8 AI Plus though, looks more promising due to its larger 8-inch screen, more powerful processor, and larger battery capacity. MSI also cleaned up the overall ergonomics of the unit and slightly improved the hall effect sensing joysticks. All in all, it’s sure to be a big improvement over the Claw A1M. The interesting thing is how closely the two models were announced. MSI announced the original at the beginning of this year and then launched it two months later. And a few months after that, it announced the Claw 8 AI Plus. Now, it’s confirming plans for three more handhelds.

Showcasing the company is going all-in on the handheld gaming PC market and that it’s determined to deliver a fan favorite.

MSI is already planning the development of the Claw 2 and its successors

MSI isn’t just excited about handheld gaming PCs, it’s fully committed to the product category. As reported by The Verge, MSI spoke to PC World at Computex to talk about the Claw A1M and the Claw 8 AI Plus. In that interview, MSI Product Management Director Cliff Chun briefly touched on MSI’s plans for upcoming handhelds. Chun says that MSI is already planning on launching a Claw 2, Claw 3, and a Claw 4.

On top of that MSI has already laid out a roadmap of those devices. The roadmap spans the next two years. So it might be a while before we see a Claw 2 hit the market. Chun doesn’t give specifics on when they might launch though.

MSI may not go with AMD for the upcoming handhelds

Currently, MSI is the only handheld gaming PC that uses Intel chips. Whereas every other handheld option seems to be using something from AMD. MSI’s first handheld went with Intel’s Meteor Lake processors whereas the new Claw 8 AI Plus upgraded to Lunar Lake. It also has plans to update the 7-inch model of the Claw with Lunar Lake as well.

Chun doesn’t state which processors or GPUs will be used in the next few future Claw handhelds. However, he does state that the company isn’t ruling out AMD. “We’ll continue pushing new form factors, new ideas, maybe even new CPUs,” Chun said. He continued by saying “We’re not aiming to go to AMD yet, but you know, maybe in Claw 3, Claw 4?” That means there is a possibility that in a couple of years, or whoever the Claw 3 or Claw 4 comes out, it might be running on AMD silicon. Additionally, Chun says that future Claw devices are likely to stick to the same size displays.

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