Narwal’s S10 Pro upright vacuum promises effortless cleaning

Narwal S10 Pro

Narwal makes one heck of a robot vacuum, but today the company has announced the launch of something a little different with the S10 Pro. It’s an upright vacuum and mop combo that you manually use to clean your floors. Don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s an upright vacuum though. There’s still plenty of neat features baked in that make this better than your average upright. Most of this comes from Narwal’s expertise with robotic vacuums and mops, like the Narwal Freo X Ultra we reviewed earlier this year.

With the launch of the S10 Pro, Narwal promises an effortless clean that’s “perfect for busy parents, pet owners, or those who love a pristine home.” The Narwal S10 Pro is a cordless vacuum and mop solution so it’s convenient to use and easy to move around the whole house. Not having to plug it in also means not having to spend that extra time unwrapping the cord or wrapping it back up when you’re done. Let alone moving the plug to multiple outlets. Instead, you simply place the vacuum back on the charging station to recharge the internal battery.

Narwal says it can last for about 50 minutes on a single charge, which is enough to clean a 3,200 sqft home. This also makes it perfect for apartments since most apartments aren’t anywhere near that size. And at under $450, the price is pretty reasonable.

The Narwal S10 Pro launch starts today

With the launch of this new vacuum Narwal is entering into the more mainstream vacuum market. The S10 Pro launches officially today and is already available from Amazon as well as Narlwa’s online store. It retails for $429.99 which is well under the price of its flagship product, the Narwal Freo X Ultra. And although it doesn’t clean your floors for you, it’s very capable of getting them spotless. So long as you’re willing to put in the effort to push it around.

The nice thing is that the S10 Pro is self-propelled. So you won’t have to push that hard, or barely at all. “It practically glides across floors,” Narwal says. That will definitely help with making the task of vacuuming effortless. But it’s not the only feature that will do so. The S10 Pro features a pretty powerful 14,000 PA. For comparison, the Freo X Ultra has an 8,200 PA and we found that to be very thorough in getting just about everything off the floors. Save for a little bit of pet hair that was stuck onto the kitchen rug.

The mopping system also has a downward mopping pressure of 17N. That’s enough to remove even the most stubborn stains according to the company. It even uses intelligent water-spraying algorithms to make sure the brush is moist until you’re done cleaning.

It’s not a robot vacuum, but it’s still smart

Since this is an upright vacuum you wouldn’t expect it to be packed with smart tech. On the contrary. Narwal has shoved quite a few smart features into this vacuum and mop combo. This includes the intelligent water-spraying algorithms mentioned above. But the S10 Pro also features the AI Dirt Sense technology that made the Freo X Ultra so good. This tech uses sensors to scan and analyze the floors to see how dirty they are.

Once it knows, it’ll use that information to adjust the suction power and how much water is dispensed. Ensuring your floors are spotless by the time you’re done. It also toggles through its five different cleaning modes as needed during the entire process. Additionally, you can see the dirt level on the LCD screen that’s on the top of the handle.

To top everything off, the S10 Pro has a self-cleaning system that you can engage once it’s docked at the charging base. This system automatically scrubs, cleans, disinfects, and dries not only the roller brushes but also the pipes and filters using electrolyzed water. It’s not a robotic clean, but it is a smart and efficient clean.

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