Never lose your keys again with the Galaxy SmartTag2 for $22

Galaxy SmartTag2 Deal

Everyone hates losing their stuff but you can avoid such tragedies in the future thanks to the Galaxy SmartTag2, which Amazon is currently offering a deal on.

These smart little tags are Bluetooth trackers you can attach to pretty much anything. They regularly retail for $29.99 but right now you can pick them up for $21.99 each. With that savings, you could even pick up a few and attach these tags to multiple items. For instance, if you’re prone to misplacing your keys, you can toss one of these smart tags on the key ring and always have a way to locate them. With the Galaxy SmartTag2, you can use the companion phone app to ping the tag. So whatever it’s attached to will be easy to track down.

The tags also have an option of searching for them using the ‘Search Nearby’ feature. This is intended for use when the item is within a certain range but you just can’t seem to find it. With Search Nearby enabled you get guided instructions to the location of the item that the tag is attached to. Then you can ping it even if you still need to. You won’t have to worry too much about these dying on you either. As they have a battery life of about 500 hours. Plus, they’re IP67 rated for dust and water resistance.

These are good to keep around just in case. Even if you don’t tend to lose or misplace things very often. And because of the ring in the middle, you can attach them to zippers, loops, or really anything that you can slide a keyring onto. They’re even small enough to slide into little pockets on the insides of bags. Once you see how useful they are, you’re going to want them for all your most valuable items.

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