NVIDIA G-Assist puts AI to work to improve your gaming

NVIDIA Project G Assist (4)

Over the weekend NVIDIA announced a new feature it’s bringing to gamers called G-Assist. This software feature is powered by AI and is designed to help enhance the gaming experience for PC gamers. Revealed at Computex on June 2, G-Assist can deliver “context-aware” help for PC games. NVIDIA says this also works with apps.

The basis for this feature is to cut down on the time players spend searching for information to learn more about the game they’re playing. Perhaps this information is about a specific build for your character. Or maybe you’re just trying to figure out where to get a certain weapon. G-Assist should be able to help with these questions. But instead of having to type in search queries and scroll through a wide array of information on the web, G-Assist “puts the information at your fingertips.”

Ultimately, NVIDIA wants the feature to give you time back so you can spend more of that time enjoying and playing the game. As opposed to reading and learning about it just to get the answer to a specific question.

The new NVIDIA G-Assist feature works with text or voice input

NVIDIA Project G Assist (2)
NVIDIA Project G Assist (1)
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NVIDIA Project G Assist (2)
NVIDIA Project G Assist (1)
NVIDIA Project G Assist (3)

Whether you prefer to type out your queries or use your voice to ask questions, G-Assist will work both ways. You can enter a text prompt or use your voice to speak and G-Assist will process your question, feed it into a large language model, and then present you with answers in an easy-to-read overlay on top of your game. These responses are context-aware and spoken back to you so you don’t have to read if you just prefer to listen.

NVIDIA has presented a demo of this tool working in Ark: Survival Ascended, where it asks G-Assist what the best early-game weapon is. G-Assist then processes this question and says the best early-game weapon is the spear because it provides knockback. It then tells the player what they need to craft the spear.

G-Assist can also analyze on-screen content to tell the player whether or not something should be avoided. Such as a particularly difficult enemy. Alternatively, players could ask G-Assist for help in defeating a particular enemy on-screen.

G-Assist can tell you how to spend your skill points

Another neat feature comes from G-Assist being context-aware. This won’t necessarily apply to every game because not every game has skill points. But in games that do, G-Assist can analyze your skill point screen and help you figure out where to spend any remaining points to best fit where you are in the game for continued progression. In visually demanding games, G-Assist can help with system tuning to optimize performance based on your particular PC setup. Games like Cyberpunk 2077 have a lot of graphics options.

You may not know how to adjust these to allow for the best gaming experience. But that shouldn’t be an issue with NVIDIA’s new tool. NVIDIA says that G-Assist can track a number of different variables like graph frame rates, hardware stats, PC latency, and power usage. It can then tell you how to improve those things when prompted. It can even make those suggested adjustments for you so that you can continue playing.

AI can be used for a wide range of different things, but NVIDIA’s new tool shows players a glimpse of how it can be used to enhance gaming. And if you’re worried about privacy, NVIDIA says the AI models that power G-Assist can run both in the cloud and locally on your PC with acceleration from a GeForce RTX GPU. This isn’t the first time NVIDIA has experimented with AI assistants, as it launched the RTX Chatbot earlier this year.

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