Nvidia tests generative AI within video games

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Right now, companies are finding ways of squeezing AI into pretty much every single corner of our lives, and this is for better or worse. Nvidia, which was formally the GPU company, has fully transitioned into being an AI company. According to a new report, Nvidia is testing a way to put generative AI into video games.

Right now, Nvidia stands to gain a ton from the AI craze. Several of the world’s largest companies are buying Nvidia’s GPUs by the boatload to train their AI models. This is what boosted Nvidia to being a $2 trillion company. In fact, the company just announced its Blackwell processors. These are the newest chips from Nvidia that will power the next generation of AI models.

Nvidia is testing tools to add generative AI into video games

Generative AI has touched the video game industry in a very small way. AI tools can possibly be used to help developers with coding. While that isn’t very significant, AI is poised to play an even bigger role in video games down the road.

The Game Developers Conference just happened, and we saw some neat stuff there. One notable announcement was from Nvidia. The company showcased its AI digital human tools. These can be used to voice and animate NPCs within games using generative AI. Also, it will supply dialogue for the characters. These tools were showcased through a tech demo called Covert Protocol. It was produced in collaboration with InWorld, a gaming startup. If that name sounds familiar, InWorld also partnered with Microsoft back in November 2023 for much the same thing.

In the tech demo, we see a conversation being held with an NPC. The NPC is responding to the protagonist’s lines, and the responses, movements, and voice are being generated via AI in real time.


In the clip below, we see an example of a technology called Audio2Face. This is a technology that uses AI to lip-sync character models to dialogue. So, this could be very helpful for studios needing to translate their games or redo lines. It could be a time saver, as it will eliminate the trouble of reanimating character lips.

Another clip shows the upcoming MMO called World of Jade Dynasty. This is another Showcase of the Audio2Face technology.

In both of the videos, it’s obvious that the voices are being AI-generated. They have the same lifeless and inhuman tone of voice that you hear with AI voice generators. Hopefully, studios that utilize this technology will hire human voice actors to record lines rather than going full AI-generated. We will just have to see.

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