OneDrive might get a Magic Eraser tool similar to Google Photos

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft is all set to release a new Magic Erase feature in their OneDrive app, inspired by functions in Google Photos as revealed in the beta version of the app. The next update uses generative AI technology to smoothly and seamlessly remove undesired objects from pictures.

OneDrive Beta APK-teardown suggests a Magic Eraser feature on the horizon

The Magic Erase feature is yet to activate on the OneDrive application but its appearance may be imminent following some lines of code found in the beta version. OneDrive’s magic eraser is similar to that of Google Photos. It will allow users to choose objects from their images by outlining them with a brush tool, a technique they can use to remove selected objects. Afterward, Microsoft’s generative AI algorithms fill up spaces left after removal automatically for a smooth editing process.

The Android Beta version of the OneDrive app also comes with warnings against using Magic Erase features. As indicated by AndroidPolice, the tool works using Artificial Intelligence and hence may not give expected outcomes all the time. Users are also invited to send feedback if anything unusual happens during its operation.

While there are currently no screenshots showing how Magic Erase operates, relevant strings within the beta code suggest that it could soon be more widely available. Microsoft has already stated that Copilot for Onedrive will be accessible through web pages starting in late April which gives us reason to believe that Magic Erase might follow closely at around this time too.

There’s little to know about the accuracy of OneDrive’s Magic Eraser

Since last year, Google Photos has had a similar Magic Eraser function for Pixel owners and subscribers of Google One who have had a choice between manual selection or automatic suggestions. However, we do not know whether Microsoft’s implementation of Magic Erasers would include auto-suggests like those found on Google Photos.

This move by Microsoft adds another feather to its cap towards enhancing user experience. The company is making photo editing easier through the introduction of the magic erase feature as part of its productivity suite integrated with its renowned generative AI technology.

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