OnePlus Nord 3 update adds new features & improved security

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The OnePlus Nord 3 has started receiving a new update which adds new features and improves security. First and foremost, this update is marked as OxygenOS It comes with an April 2024 security patch for Android.

New OnePlus Nord 3 update places new features on the table

Having said that, the update is rolling out to global units, as well as in some specific regions, like India. Different firmware versions are available, depending on the market the update is landing in.

As far as features are concerned, let’s start with the volume-related one. This update allows you to adjust the volume for individual apps based on your needs. It also adds the ‘Partial screenshot’ option to the Smart Sidebar.

In addition to that, this update enables you to create photo collages from the phone’s default gallery app. It’s a bit bare-bones at the moment, but it works, and it can be quite useful.

Once you install, you’ll also be able to enter the first letter of an app name to perform a fuzzy search form the home screen search bar in Drawer mode.

This update even enables you to activate a flashlight without turning on the display

The last feature that was added has to do with the flashlight. This update enables an option to hold the volume down button in order to activate the flashlight when the screen is off.

This update also improves the volume bar’s design for ease of use and visual consistency. On top of that, it improves general system stability on the OnePlus Nord 3.

As per usual, the update is rolling out gradually. OnePlus kicked it off with a small percentage of users, and it will speed up the process in the coming days, presuming that the company doesn’t spot major bugs along the way, of course.

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