OnePlus takes shots at Google in new OnePlus 12R ad campaign

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2024 is definitely OnePlus’ best year in a while. The company released the smash hit OnePlus 12 (Review), and the OnePlus 12R was also very well received. Well, it’s evident that OnePlus is really pushing the OnePlus 12R (Review), and its new ad campaign takes shots at Google’s Pixel phones.

This news also lands on the day that OnePlus officially revealed the launch date for the OnePlus Ace 3V. It’s the China equivalent of the OnePlus Nord 4. This phone will come with a dual camera package along with an alert slider, and a glossy glass design. Rumored specs for this device include up to 16GB of RAM, up to 512GB of storage, and a large 5,500mAh. At this point, we don’t know how much this phone will cost. However, we’ll find out on March 21st.

OnePlus takes shots at Pixel phones with its OnePlus 12R ad campaign

The OnePlus 12R is a $500 phone, and it punches well above its price point. However, if you want to get the phone or a deep discount, then you can trade in your old phone for this model. This is one reason why it’s a very compelling deal, and you can get a minimum of $100 off.

So, what does OnePlus do? Well, it posted an ad on Facebook asking users to ‘upgrade from [their] Pixel’ phone to a OnePlus 1R. This is a direct shot at Pixel users pushing them to trade in their Pixel phone for a shiny new OnePlus 12R.

Should you “upgrade?”

Depending on which Pixel device you have, you could be in for a massive upgrade. The OnePlus 12R uses the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, and that was the flagship processor of 2023. So, it will definitely be an improvement over older Pixel phones. It might even be an improvement over current Pixel phones, as Google’s Tensor chips aren’t really known for their raw power.

However, they are known for their on-device AI capabilities. If you are you are a person who likes to use on-device AI, loves having the latest Android software, wants to be within the Google Pixel ecosystem, and wants some of the best cameras on the smartphone market, then you may want to skip the OnePlus 12R.

However, if you are looking for a fresh take on Android, and enjoy the plethora of software customization features provided by Oxygen OS, then you may want to consider getting the OnePlus 12R. With a proper trade-in, you can get the price down to $399.

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