OneXPlayer reveals a Mini version of its X1 handheld gaming PC

OneXPlayer X1 Mini Handheld Gaming PC

OneXPlayer is one of the original companies bringing handheld gaming PCs to market, and its latest is called the X1 Mini. It’s an aptly named handheld gaming PC that takes on a smaller form of OneXPlayer’s admittedly beastly X1. It also does this while trimming things down and adding in some new goodies.

If you happened to miss the X1 in all its glory, you’d be forgiven. OneXPlayer doesn’t exactly have the same kind of marketing budget as larger players in the space like Valve or ASUS. It does however provide some unique takes on the handheld space and the X1 Mini is no exception. The X1 Mini’s claim to fame, or rather its unique feature to help set it apart is the new SSD swap feature.

Being that it has a smaller display than the original X1, it should also appeal to consumers who want something just a little more portable. As the X1 might feel a bit unwieldy for someone who is constantly on the go.

The OneXPlayer Mini X1 lets you effortlessly swap SSDs to fit your activity

This is a pretty big deal as it’s not something that any other handheld gaming PC allows you to do. One of the biggest concerns people have had with any of these new handhelds is storage. None of the brands have gone out of their way to prevent consumers from swapping out the SSD. However, you have to disassemble the handheld to get to the SSD so you can swap it out. OneXPlayer is making things a lot easier with its SSD Swap feature on the X1 Mini.

It features a dedicated, user-accessible slot where the SSD goes and you can swap it out at any time without taking the handheld apart. The intention here is that you can tailor your SSD to the current activity. So you can have one for gaming, one for work or casual use, etc. OneXPlayer doesn’t say if you have to power off the handheld before swapping these. But we’d imagine it goes one of two ways. Either you have to power the unit off first, or you can “eject” the SSD like you would with a memory card or flash drive.

Either way, the fact that you can easily swap out the SSD this way is going to be hugely beneficial. OneXPlayer also says this was highly requested by the community. In addition to the SSD Swap, the X1 Mini runs on AMD 8840U CPU, and it comes with an 8.8-inch 144Hz display. It also uses the same detachable controller system as the X1, and there’s even a keyboard attachment so you can use it like a mini tablet PC.

OneXPlayer hasn’t announced pricing yet

When it comes to pricing and availability, there’s no mention of either just yet. OneXPlayer does mention that the X1 Mini will be going through crowdfunding on Indiegogo soon, though. You can sign up for early bird pricing if you’re interested, with the actual cost being announced further in the campaign. Which doesn’t appear to have started. One thing to keep in mind is the price of the original X1. It starts at $1,099.99 for 32GB of RAM and 1TB of storage. So there’s a good chance the X1 Mini will start less than this. Especially for those with the early bird pickup.

A few other details have been left out as well. Most notably the majority of specs. There’s no mention of exact battery life, however, OneXPlayer says the X1 Mini is designed for prolonged use. “The X1 Mini ensures that users can enjoy continuous gameplay and media consumption without frequent recharges,” the company says. Whether or not that translates to several hours of gameplay or not is unclear. Regardless, it should be close to what current devices offer, if not better. The X1 Mini also has multiple ports for connectivity including OCulink and USB 4.0.

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