OpenAI finally fixed ChatGPT’s sluggish behavior

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ChatGPT is extremely intelligent, but recently, it’s been an underachiever. People have been reporting that the chatbot has been rather lazy with its responses. Whatever, the company CEO, Sam Altman, announced that ChatGPT is now less lazy.

Yes, a large language model can show signs of laziness. People using GPT-4 Turbo, the fastest and most advanced version of the GPR-4 model, reported that it’s been getting rather lazy responses to their queries. Users will get responses that are either half-baked or incomplete. This didn’t happen all the time, but it happened with larger requests.

It can be very frustrating for people who are using gpt4 for major Enterprise tasks. However, the company recently acknowledged the issue and announced that I was working on it.

Well, ChatGPT is now less lazy

Laziness in AI technology is one of those phenomena just like hallucinations. It’s something that happens that can’t quite be explained. It’s an anomaly that AI companies need to work on. Well, OpenAI has been working on it ever since it became a big issue.

It seems to have only affected GPT-4 Turbo. People using GPT-3.5 haven’t really been experiencing this issue. If so, they’re probably not experiencing it on the scale to which people were experiencing it with GPT-4 Turbo. The latter is a much more powerful and complex language model, so the laziness might stem from the fact that it’s just so complicated.

In any case, the company CEO, Sam Altman, made a post saying “gpt-4 had a slow start on its new years resolutions but should be much much less lazy now!” It’s a more casual and comedic way of saying that the company finally rolled out the fix that will have GPT-4 give you better answers when presented with complicated tasks.

While this is good news, it’s not an indicator that AI laziness has been solved. It’s one of those issues, like AI hallucinations, that will probably never go away. In any case, we can rest assured that OpenAI and all the other AI companies will be hard at work trying to eliminate it

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