OpenAI is tapping Google employees for search engine team

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If you want to make the best product, you have to hire the best people. This is a philosophy that many companies live by, and that’s not about to change anytime soon. According to a new report, OpenAI is apparently tapping Google employees to build a search engine team.

Not too long ago, we got the news that OpenAI was developing its own search engine. Not only that, but rumor had it the company was going to unveil the search engine just days before Google I/O. Obviously, Sundar and the gang would not like that.

OpenAI could be tapping Google employees to work on its search engine team

For the longest time, one thing that Gemini and other search engines had over ChatGPT was the fact that OpenAI’s chatbot could not access the internet. So, its responses are always limited. This is one thing that many people have complained about.

Well, according to multiple sources, OpenAI has been looking to rectify this. Sources claim that the company is now in the process of developing a search engine that could rival Google search. Obviously, we expect the search engine to deliver generative results much in the same way as Google SGE (search generative experience).

Recent reports pointed to the company announcing this search engine on May 9th. That will be less than a week before Google I/O, and that will definitely kill some of the buzz surrounding the annual event.

Well, if the company does plan on releasing a search engine, it’s going to need some expertise. Several reports pointed to OpenAI contacting several Google employees to join the company’s supposed search engine team. This is a practice that has been going on for years, and it’s only accelerated as AI technology became more of a thing. Companies would either poach workers from notable AI companies or buy out AI startups.

OpenAI has not responded to requests to comment, but hopefully, it will do so soon. We have no idea what sort of benefits or pay OpenAI is offering to Google employees. In any case, if OpenAI does launch its search engine, we expect it to be in direct competition with Google search.

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